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Tassajara's Vegetarian and vegan products for the home

Vegetarian and vegan products for home

Give your vegan and vegetarian meal at home a special touch. Order our artisan products online or take them away in our restaurant. Ranging from our sophisticated Tassajara Tamari dressing to our house mixed tea blends.

All of our products are handcrafted using mindfully chosen ingredients.

Tassajara Dressing Tassajara Tamari Dressing

Our true classic since 1976: homemade dressing with canola oil, cider vinegar, fresh herbs, rock salt, honey and finest tamari. Enjoy the artisan TASSAJARA quality at home: dress your salad or steamed veggies, or use it as a marinade for your tofu and seitan steaks. This natural all-purpose wonder is irresistibly delicious and healthy- guaranteed!

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Tassajara Vegan Dressing Tassajara Tamari Dressing Vegan

The vegan version of our artisan dressing: instead of honey we use agave syrup. This irresistible all-rounder is as delicious and 100% vegan.

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Gomasio Gomasio

Our gomasio is the champion amongst the foods, which are good for your body and soul. This macrobiotic delicacy derives from the Japanese cuisine and is loaded with nutrients and flavours. We manufacture it by using the finest sesame seeds and sea salt. Enjoy this super food on your salad, main course or sandwich.

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Orange Rose Tea Orangen Rosen Tee

Enjoy the real calmness and relaxation by having a cup of our authentic orange rose tea. The secret traditional mixture has its roots in the beginnings of our TASSAJARA, and is equally healthy as delicious. With orange blossom, lemon grass and rose petals from Persia, this delightful tea can be served hot as well as brewed cold.

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Ghee Ghee

The healthy base: ghee is a main ingredient of the ayurvedic cuisine and has an immune strengthening effect. We prepare our ghee from fresh cow milk and it is ideal for cooking and baking at home.

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Honey Spelt Biscuits Dinkel Honig Kekse

Our very special treat: the TASSAJARA biscuits are made from the highest quality spelt flower and local honey. These little goodies are enriched with ayurvedic herbs and spices, which have a positive impact on your health and aid your digestion. The traditional taste has not been changed over generations and we recommend you to enjoy it with our special tea blends.

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Vegetarian Products

Tassajara Tamari Dressing
Whether in combination with vegetables, as a delicious vegetarian salad dressing or for marinating tofu or seitan. The Tassajara Tamari dressing is an all round classic. Handmade using the finest ingredients like cold pressed canola oil, cider vinegar, fine ayurvedic herbs, honey and tamari.

Spelt Honey Cookies
Our healthy vegetarian pastry. Home baked hand crafted cookies made from wholemeal spelt-flour and the finest regionally sourced honey. The signature taste is rounded off with an ayurvedic herb mixture. An ideal companion to a cup of our orange rose tea.

The ideal vegetarian base for baking and cooking. Ghee originated from the traditional Indian cuisine and has a strengthening effect on the immune system.

Vegan Products

Vegan Tassajara Tamari Dressing
The vegan alternative to our classic. As delicious and versatile as the original, but with agave-syrup instead of honey.

Gentle spice for delicate meals. Gomasio gives salads and warm meals a special touch without being overpowering. Originating from ancient Japanese cuisine, this specialty consists of roasted organic sesame and sea salt. Gomasio is particularly rich in vitamin B and calcium. It is delicious and healthy at the same time. Two table spoons provide the body with as much calcium as a glass of milk.

Orange Rose Tea
Pure relaxation. Take a break from daily routine with a cup of our homemade traditional tea blend. Finest Persian hand selected rose- and orange-blossoms form a melange with refreshing lemongrass.

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