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Tassajara Tamari Dressing Vegan Tassajara Vegan Dressing

The vegan version of our artisan dressing: instead of honey we use agave syrup. This irresistible all-rounder is as delicious and 100% vegan.

Tassajara Tamari Dressing Tassajara Dressing

Our true classic since 1976: homemade dressing with canola oil, cider vinegar, fresh herbs, rock salt, honey and finest tamari.

Orangen Rosen Tee Orange Rose Tea

Enjoy the real calmness and relaxation by having a cup of our authentic orange rose tea.

Gomasio Gomasio

Our gomasio is the champion amongst the foods, which are good for your body and soul. This macrobiotic delicacy derives from the Japanese cuisine and is loaded with nutrients and flavours.

Ghee Ghee

The healthy base: ghee is a main ingredient of the ayurvedic cuisine and has an immune strengthening effect.

Dinkel Honig Kekse Honey Spelt Biscuits

Our very special treat: the TASSAJARA biscuits are made from the highest quality spelt flower and local honey.